Going Long by Ginger Scott

Going LongGoing Long by Ginger Scott is a continuation of Nolan and Reed’s story from Waiting on the Sidelinesand y’all, I will tell you that Nolan and Reed have got to be the most awesome couple in the book world!  Told in rotating POVs between Reed and Nolan, the couple are now juniors in college, Reed is considering joining the draft, something Nolan is not keen on discussing being that she’s still fighting her insecurities within their relationship.  Still deeply in love, they allow themselves to be torn apart by lies, untruths and a lack of trust in each other and their love.  Will they find their way back to each other?

Such a wonderful conclusion to Nolan and Reed’s story, you will find your self so frustrated at their lack of communication, so much of this was one huge misunderstanding,, however, it was also very believable,  You will also be so amazed and ecstatic that they can handle their issues with a more mature mindset than their high school years.  This time around, Reed is the voice of reason and Nolan is seemingly falling apart (with good reason, but so heartbreaking!) To see how much in love they are, makes you really root for them and a love that began when they were 14.  As always the writing is sweet, simple and to the point.  Loved it! 

My Top 7 favs from this book:

  1. The opening lines, SO GOOD YOU GUYS!! “The first time I thought about marrying Nolan Lennox, she had just saved my father’s life.  The thought was fleeting, and it scared the hell out of me.  I was only 17.”  *sigh* 
  2. The bowling date/skinny dipping bet
  3. Reed telling off his mom-OH MY GOD did she deserve it!!
  4. Nolan’s drunken confession and Reed’s reaction-heartbreaking!
  5. Christmas Eve Eve
  6. The Reception
  7. The Epilogue- YAY!!

So AWESOME y’all!!  If you haven’t discovered Ginger Scott, pick up these two, Waiting on the Sidelines and Going Long.  You won’t be disappointed! I still can’t get out of this world, still re-reading sections of both books OVER AND OVER!!  SO GOOD!!  And I still am waiting for a Waiting on the Sidelines from Reed’s POV.  The more I read Waiting on the Sidelines the more questions I have for his motivations..Hint, Hint…

4 stars

Next up, a review of Ginger’s newest addition, This is Falling, the first in her new series.


E. Lockhart

I became intrigued with E. Lockhart after her latest novel We Were Liars came out last May.  It was on a number of “must read lists” but quite frankly, the blurb told me nothing!  I kept hearing about it so I put it on my list.  I actually read her other novel, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks first and dear Lord!  She sucked me in!  At the age of 15, Frankie Landau-Banks is adorable, harmless, her family’s bunny rabbit. But all that is about to change when Frankie infiltrates a secret society in her upper class boarding school. She doesn’t like that people constantly underestimate her abilities. And she’s going to do something about it! I LOVED this story from beginning to end. A story about struggling with what you feel that you are SUPPOSED to be doing and what you actually NEED to do. So how good was this book?  I had originally checked the ebook from by public library.  It gives you 21 days to read it, I started it on 20, had 20 pages left and couldn’t renew so I HAD to buy it because, DEAR LORD, the need to find out what happened was KILLING me!

Next I dove into We Were Liars.   A once powerful family torn apart by greed and hate which leads to unspeakable tragedy,Lockhart weaves a tale part mystery part romance, and absolutely riveting. That being said, her style is not for everyone and this was definitely much darker than The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks.

So I ended my E. Lockhart love fest with The Ruby Oliver books.  These are completely on a different level from the other two.  If you are familiar with the Jessica Darling series it’s quite similar and just as laugh out loud!  Ruby is dealing with typical high school drama- a boyfriend who dumps her for her best friend, the ensuing drama of losing all of her friends, becoming a social piranha and ending in severe anxiety attacks which force her into therapy, hence the title of the first book The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver.  My FAVORITE part of this series was her parents (and of course, the boy drama!).  “Elaine Oliver is one of those people who thinks she needs to yell into a cell phone and cannot imagine anyone else might hear her conversation. ‘I’m stiff from that yoga class Juana made me go to!’ she was shouting, presumably to Dad. ‘I did something to my groin area. … Sure, you can massage it later.”–The Treasure Map of Boys:Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon and Me, Ruby Oliver (Ruby Oliver #3).  Seriously, these are super quick reads and you should definitely check these out for a laugh, and the others for some wickedly good reading.  4 stars for all of these!

Waiting on the Sidelines by Ginger Scott

Waiting on the SidelinesSo first off, so sorry for the radio silence since May!!  In my defense, I read around 60 books between June 1st and now so I wasn’t writing a large amount.  But I am back!  And to start off, I want to talk about my new favorite author, Ginger Scott!  I have been seriously obsessed with this book, Waiting on the Sidelines, over the past week.  Put it down, pick it up go back to my favorite scenes (I have SEVERAL!) try to read Heir of Fire (yes, I love me some Celaena but I know once I read HOF it will be A YEAR before the next one comes out and my heart can’t take it!)  So on to my crazy obsession with Nolan and Reed.

Nolan Lennox is not your typical high school girl. She prefers cutoffs and tank tops to dresses, plays any sport she can, is a good girl and plans on staying that way. Reed Johnson is the new boy in school. The quarterback phenom has come to Coolidge High to follow in the football steps of his father and brother. He’s expected to bring Coolidge High the state title they have been missing and be a leader for his team. Thrown together on the first day of their freshman year to work on a group project, the next four years will send them on a journey of self-discovery, young love and heartache. Can they overcome their obstacles and petty minded high school jealousies to realize that sometimes love finds you when you least expect it.

I ABSOLUTELY adored this book! Ginger Scott is a new author. I came across her while searching Barnes and Noble for another title and her new book, This is Falling, was recommended (review on that one later-ALSO LOVED!) I was intrigued by Waiting on the Sidelines and it did not disappoint. I have read this book at least eight times in the last week!!

  1. So, what did I like about it:
    Nolan-she is such a strong character but doesn’t realize it. She comes from a humble background, and while she is slightly embarrassed at first, she never lets it define her. She has ideals and goals and she does not sacrifice them for ANYONE; not even Reed.
    2. Reed- he is a typical teenage boy, but with a sweet side. He cares for Nolan-deeply- but he allows his perceptions of what it means to be the star quarterback dictate his choices (and poor ones at that) at first. He does have a good soul, however, and this is what draws him to Nolan repeatedly throughout their high school years. His love for Nolan helps him grow to be a more caring person, even through all of their trials and tribulations.
    3. The Romance- Oh my Lord! Totally realistic look at young love- the ups and downs, the silly misunderstandings and ultimate realization that life is messy and that is OK.
    4. The secondary characters- Reed’s dad Buck is a larger than life persona, oozing charm and wisdom; he was one of my favorites for sure. Nolan’s best buds also were awesome. Such a great support system with Sarah (have your back in a fight) and Sienna (the one you need to just talk things out with).

My top five favorite scenes:

  1. The Science Class Letter :)
  2. The Homecoming Dance
  3. The Swimming Pool Smack Down
  4. Nolan’s Birthday/The Winter Dance Letter
  5. After the Desert Party Confessions
  6. Dorm Room Confessions

This is an EXCELLENT story. Its sequel was also a favorite of mine (read more, hopefully tomorrow on that, Going Long).
My only complaint is that I seriously need a Waiting on the Sidelines from Reed’s POV. Reed is such a complicated person, so many of his actions need to be explored more thoroughly; I find him SUCH a fascinating character! He obviously loved Nolan but kept pushing her away and pulling her back in. I need answers!! Please!!
Overall, 5 stars


Because I’m Glutton for Punishment…

One of the benefits (or drawbacks) of working in a library is I can peruse the shelves at my leisure.  As I work in a school library, I usually stock up on books to take with me over the summer.  And here you see that I can GUARANTEE you my house will be unsuitable for guests this summer being this is what I plan on taking home…

Summer Books


And this is what is on my nook from the public library…


And the ebooks I have on hold from the public library….


As well as the ones I have pre-ordered and am HOTLY anticipating…

Yippy!Can't Wait
The hardback copies I currently have checked out of the public library…

Checkout hardcopies

And the ones I am DYING to get my hands on in the fall…


Yep.  Serious issues…What do y’all have lined up for the summer?



Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

ImageOk, So I was really interested in reading Morgan Matson’s new book, Since You’ve Been Gone.  I’ve seen it on a number of lists and it intrigued me.  Alas, it just came out and my library had not processed it as of yet and I was unsure about this author so I went and checked out her other two books.  Just finished Amy and Roger and I am HOOKED.  So Amy is in California, her father has died three months before (which has left her in a very precarious state), her twin brother is in rehab in North Carolina and her mom is moving the family across the country to Connecticut.  Having been living in the family home by herself until her junior year has finished, Amy is to ride with Roger, a family friend whom she hasn’t seen since childhood harboring problems of his own, across country, with a VERY detailed itinerary created by her mother.  But what if they don’t follow that itinerary and create a road trip of their own?  I am in LOVE with Morgan Matson as a writer.  I loved the scrap booking and playlists included!  Such a great story!  I highly recommend it!  4 stars

Lux Series by Jennifer Armentrout



I don’t remember where I read about this series (quite frankly, I can’t remember where I find most of the books I read!) but I am very glad I did.  The basic premise of the series is there are aliens living among us.  These aliens, made up completely of light in their true form, are called Luxen.  The Luxen can change into human form, and those that choose to live in human communities, adopt their human form the majority of the time.  The setting is West Virginia.  In the first book in the series, Obsidian 16-year old Katy (Kat for short) Schwartz has just moved from Florida with her mom, her father having passed away from cancer.  They move onto a deserted street, with only their neighbor’s house being occupied.  Being new in town, Kat’s mom encourages her to make nice with their new neighbors, twins Dee and Daemon Black.  Dee is very eager to befriend Katy, Daemon, not so much.  Katy can’t deny that Daemon is drop dead gorgeous, but his prickly attitude makes their interactions laced with snarkiness-and a WHOLE lot of chemistry.  I enjoyed the first two books, Obsidian and Onyx, but I will say, Katy, at times got on my nerves.  I always liked her, but she was prone to make stupid decisions blinded by her absolute insistence that she was not interested in Daemon.  That being said, the story was enough to make me want to read more.  Yeah, the premise that the Department of Defense was aware of the Luxen and were monitoring sometimes felt a bit farfetched.  Occasionally as I read the series, there were some things that based on what Armentrout had said previously regarding the Luxen, their abilities and the DOD, didn’t ring true.  But it wasn’t enough for me not to like the overall arc of the series and Daemon and Kat together work really well.  The last two books, Opal and Origins, were my favorite and have me dying to find out the conclusion to the series in Opposition, due out in August.  Armentrout has great ideas, but maybe not always play out well.  Definitely not, Sarah Maas, but entertaining and I am eagerly waiting for the last book.

A few extras, she is re-releasing the first four books in anticipation of the release of Opposition.  The first four will be released in two volumes,Lux: Beginnings (Obsidian and Onyx) and Lux: Consequences (Opal and Origin).  These will be released with special bonus material that will not be anywhere else.  On her website, she does have some scenes from the books told from the guys POV deleted scenes from all of her series (she has at least 2 other series)