Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu

LegendSo this series has been on my maybe list for awhile.  I knew it was one that some of the kids liked (not with Hunger Games fervor but still it was checked out frequently).  When Legend first came out, I read the description and though, maybe.  I sometimes have to force myself to read things that I later absolutely adore (Bloodlines is a great example of that.)  Then I decided, ok, I’ll wait for the third and final book.  I keep getting completely invested in these books only have to wait a year and a half for the end!  So I started Legend last week.  Y’all all I can say is WOW!  Marie Lu has created a very believable dystopian world.  The relationship between June and Day, two very strong characters is beautiful and heartfelt.  So if you haven’t heard of this series yet,here is the synopsis.  The United States is no more.  The Western part of the country (Where June and Day live) is now known as the Republic of America.  The rest of the former United States is simply known as the Colonies.  Juse is from an elite family and  a prodigy, meant to join the army of the Republic.  Day is the Republic’s criminal on the most wanted listed.  From the poor sectors of L.A., he lives on the streets trying to bring down the Republic with acts of civil disobedience.  June and Day’s lives will cross when June’s brother Metias, her only family left, is killed and Day is the prime suspect.  June’s investigation into her brother’s death will uncover some fairly frightening things about their government and the lengths people will go to maintain the status quo.  I really loved this series.  I will admit to a bit of Allegiant nervousness.  None of that here, thank God.  The ending did leave me wanting more though.  Maybe a short novella of things to come??  Anyway, Legend was definitely worth the wait.  I highly recommend it!


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